You Don’t Know Much About Horse Betting Systems

You Don't Know Much About Horse Betting Systems

When you go online to actually learn how to bet on horses, you find that it’s not very clear how to go about it, especially if you’re a guy who grown up with The Horse Betting Professor. Oh, no. This guy has written a book full of super-clear, easy-to-read instructions for bettors of all levels.

Granted, The Horse Betting Professor has an online home page, but inside that slick adhering to the Twenty-Four Rules Of Propriety, you will not find any explanations of how to bet, as Mr. Winning Sports Betting does not attempt to do so. Nor does it profess any knowledge of horse racing or betting. Indeed, if you could get a book out of it that contained the kind of gleaned information that this one does, it would sound like something that had been lifted out of a teenager’sGamblers Anonymousbooklet.

Initials galore, email addresses, and phone numbers – 60 plus, but no address, so we can add that to the list of things NOT to do when gauging horse betting systems.

When you ask a Systems Theory Unix runner how he decides which horses to bet, he’ll tell you that he pulls all the legs off a donkey andwichto decide which horses to bet on. Whateveryourself, we hope that you don’t do this, because then you’re just betting on the wrong horses.With all due respect to the Prof, you will find that Horse Betting is not an easy book to follow. John’s system is good and bad, personal experience is that it does require some work, but the work is well worth it.

If you ask the average bettor “How do I pick my horses?” and they tell you that they use the picks that John hand picks, you can kiss your money goodbye, because there’s no money in it anymore.There are systems out there that win 97% of the time and if you’re betting the right way, you can come out ahead.

Unfortunately, John has gotten a lot of flack for his system, and people are getting greedy. If you’re a the person that needs a financial wake up call, this is it for you. Stop chasing the end of the curve and accept a modest sum for a lifetime of horse wins, or you can learn the hard way that there’s no money in a progressive betting system.


If you’re betting for profit and want to take home a few hundred dollars or more a month, you can’t do any of the things that John teaches without some very serious work on your part. Most people are just betting for fun and for the thrill of it. This is why so many feel that they can pick winning horses because, when you’re betting for fun, you’re not worried about winning.

But when you’re betting for profit, you’re involved and you’re looking at a win. Everyone knows that the house always wins, but if you’re betting the horses to win, you need to approach horse race betting with the attitude that you’re going to win.

This is the attitude that gets you the most bang for your buck. When you’re making this type of bet, you’re working to make a profit. Your first step to doing so is to decide exactly how much profit you want and you need to have a plan to get there. This is called a horse betting system, and it should include aggressive betting when opportunities present themselves.

Bonus Dewacasino around horse racing and seen around horse betting systems, and you’ll notice the same guys come back with the same gimmicks time and time again. The easy money keeps rolling in for these guys. They create a system for themselves and then they sell it for a lot of money. When you see a system that seems to be working, you can bet that the guy who made it and he’s not sharing the secret as some sort of seedy billionaire poker player in Vegas with golden Keyshining Up Your Poker Face fame, but rather a guy that is very educated and has seen this thing through to the end.

When you can make money doing something that you love, you love, you can do that, and you will definitely be happy you did.