Why Do So Many People Engage In Online Sports Betting?

Why Do So Many People Engage In Online Sports Betting

Llamatooth – Do you love watching your favorite player or team win in the big leagues? Perhaps you’re waiting for the next World Series which will be played in your favorite town or city? Betting on your favorite team makes sports more exciting.

Most people can’t give up their favorite team. They want that next World Series winner or the next Vegas sportsbook to bring their winning picks to the sportsbook for the holidays. They’ll spend the holidays gambling and the losing will just begin.

The next year another team will repeat the feat and the year will go on. By then the betting will have worn thin out and will look back to the first time in a decade or two that they won the big one. People will look back and be thankful that they spent the holidays gambling away from their teams or their communities.

What a tragedy it would be if the people we love so dearly actually won the championship or the Super Bowl, the Championship Series, the preseason Classic, or the Lapak303 itself. All that would be left would be a bunch of regrets and empty promises from people whose hopes were once so high.

The NFL season is a long one and each team should have their own title defense. Its time for all loyal fans to put their money on the best chance of winning the Super Bowl. I have had my ups and downs with USA sporting events in the past and I’m just not ready to lock up the bag. I am a human being and I will emotionalize and make wagers out of spite or gut feeling.

However I absolutely guarantee that the next person that shares my passion for USA sports betting to have the best chance of cashing a championship in the next game or event is going to have a better chance than you or I could possibly give them. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that laying down a little money on the Colts or Patriots is one of the easiest bets to make if you’re in the mood for this type of entertainment and if you’re in the East, West Coast, or Midwest area where most of the best betting action is to be had.

There is also another thing about USA betting action, and that’s the fact that it can come back and bite you on the rear. I remember a few years ago when the NFL went to Dallas to play the Sunday Night Football game. I had the intuition that the NFL was going to be a great betting proposition. That Sunday night, the Cowboys came out and destroyed the Redskins. That was the game that the wise guys went back and bet the Colorado money line and they won. The fact was that it was the easiest money line to bet on the entire NFL season. The best thing to remember is that the wise guys who bet the money lines were right on the money lines as well as the first cash out.

Take advantage of the opportunity of NFL money lines and you’ll realize the advantage the sports books give to their bettors and what it does for your bankroll. Stop wasting your money on the sentimental favorites and take advantage of the sure things that flop heads on a consistent basis.

  • NFC
  • WORFFLY WRONG Capper NFC -110
  • Wrong again Capper NFC – Hernandez

Really though, the AFC is the stronger of the two divisions and the one that has the more talent. The problem with the AFC is that the AFC South is still not as good as the North and West.

Burton broke his silence to admit that the North Carolina defense was the best unit he ever ran with in 10 years with the Atlanta Falcons. You don’t run the football with one of the best defenses in the league unless you’re the San Francisco 49ers. Atlanta had one of the best defenses any team has ever had and for that reason I still bet over the number on the Falcons to win this one holding the Carolina defense to under 400 yards.

Jim Trotter seems to like the blue turf of Peyton’s father compared to Etan’s grass. I’m not sure if it’s the grass or the bye-week effect but the FinsDialog promote a home underdog in 11 of their 16 games this year, 6-2-1 ATS. They may be motivated by the fact that the Carolina game is in London against the Villa who after all are only two-thirds as efficient as they were at getting the ball past the goal line in 2005.

The Seahawks are 4-1-1 ATS against the AFC West this year, with two of the three going into the off-season unlike the Jets and the Chiefs who are 0-8 SU/ATS against the division. Contrast that with the Jets and the Chiefs who are a combined 1-13 against the AFC West and you can guess where the emphasis will be on the home underdog.