What is Cashback Plan and Does it Really Work?

What is Cashback Plan and Does it Really Work

Cashback is a term many of the online Bingo sites use to describe their loyalty program. Basically, it is given to the players as a sort of sign up bonus when you join the site which means you can receive a percentage of money back from your card for a certain period of time. The time period can be as short as one month or as long as one year, depending on the site. The amount of time vary from site to site, though most will give you at least a month.

So, how can you cash back bonuses and make money when you join an online DewaGG site? Well, many people who play Bingo online know that they receive bonus money on their cards all the time. This is called bonus money and this bonus money can be used to increase the amount of money on your chip stack. Of course, at any online Bingo site there are always going to be people who will try to cheat the system and try to increase their card bonuses by signing up with multiple accounts, though this is going to be against the law and if the site discover this player they will ban them for life.

Cashback is when you cash out your bonus and make a deposit to your bank, often at a 10% deposit bonus or above. This allows you to play bingo online whilst at the same time generating some money in your pocket!

To understand Cashback, you need to understand the number of points needed to release the bonus money. The typical cashback bonus requirement is around 30 points per bonus pound. Therefore, if you have £100 deposited to your account, you will need to earn 30 points before you can unlock the bonus money.

You will generally need to earn around £150 to unlock the bonus money on your account. From my own personal experience, this seemed like a lot of money to me, especially for a game that I was not fully familiar with. However, I have been told by many people that if you look around to the Bingo Garranger sites, there are a lot of people who are earning a lot of money playing Bingo online.

Obviously, when you are unlocking bonuses, you aren’t spending any money, but you are giving yourself points to receive cash back. The cash back is given in the form of credits to your bingo account, thus you are essentially earning money to spend on bingo games. According to the Bingo guide, very few sites actually give cash back to their players, but those that do greatly increase your money back.

I have been using Bingo bonus money to increase my bankroll and keep myself in the game for longer than I would have been if I had not unlocked the bonus money when I won it. I have been averaging between £30 to £50 per day, but I admit that I have not yet reached the £500 per week average. However, it is a lot of money if you are just starting out and there is no sign of it ever ending.

I guess I should start saying that online bingo is a lot more profitable than land Bingo and the only reason why I still play land Bingo is that I enjoy it so much. It is however, all time entertainment and the online sites are so much more convenient to play than the land halls.