Poker – How to Stop Getting Your Butt Kicked

Poker - How to Stop Getting Your Butt Kicked

There is a reason that the dictionary definition of insanity is being wrong (or stupid), and butt kicking is one of them. Sometimes when you get your butt kicked it’s because you called too low. It’s usually because you called the wrong number.

Likely reasons for Kidding

  1. When you called too low.
  2. When you called the wrong number.
  3. When you called in the wrong position.
  4. When you raised without having the nuts (the best hand possible).
  5. When you bluffed in an old style (pre- Restaurants Internet Mindset).

Kidding hurts. Every poker professional knows that. Yet, even though you know it, you still can get butt kicking.

What is the answer?

Traditional poker books and experts will usually say that the goal in poker is to make good decisions and play aggressively. With the right perspective and mindset, you will be seeing profitable decisions. However, conventional poker books and experts forget the most basic fact of internet poker: Most of the time, you do not know the best decision.

Poker methods and technologies have dramatically changed over the last decade. Most of the tools you use to make money on the internet are available for you to download; from charts to tracking software, you can bet, call, bluff, steal, and even mentor other players. Tools have emerged that allow264,ASSETS TO BE imitated from the stone age, but a reasonable degree of expertise is still required.

New poker methods that are becoming commonplace are: Tighten Up, Loosen Up, Concentrate, and Aggressively. Each of these have their strengths and weaknesses and are complimented by software to help harness your instincts and move you towards the promised land.

Loose Accumulation

Loose is when you play more hands than you usually would, usually in the beginning of a relationship. Tight is playing fewer hands than you would normally play, but when you get really “stiff” (you’re more preferable to call than raising) you raise very little.

Looser than tightening up, but not too looser than raising your bets too little.


This is simply playing more hands than most other players, usually in the beginning of a relationship. Aggressiveness is more about feel and whether the decision to play a hand is influenced by the cards you see others have folded or bet. This can be very risky and is not advisable for beginners.

When you see very tight players, you can play more cards if it doesn’t hurt. If you’re normally pretty selective on when to play a hand, you can play some marginal hands strongly because the outcome will probably be different. It will probably not hurt to play a good hand weakly, and let a few others get the flop.

Being aggressive is the most successful strategy because you will win small pots because opponents folding easier to your strong hands, and you won’t lose expensive tight players who don’t understand your strategy.

One of the skills you need to develop is patience. It’s really not very easy to be patient. If you are too impatient, you won’t learn the secrets of the game very fast. I think the biggest mistake most people make is they get impatient and start playing too many hands.

Then you give others the opportunity to call you and you can win small pots because everyone is folding. But you don’t want to play any hands other than premium hands aggressively.

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