Business Leadership and Succession Planning

Business Leadership and Succession Planning

Most small businesses today cannot run without the help of a dedicated, confident, hard working and positive leader at the helm. Often times, this individual carries the responsibility of trying to maintain stability despite the open threats of new competitors, new technology, employee attrition or even bankruptcy. Further business leaders fail to realize that their full ruination of the business will necessitate that they make preparations for replacing their self, their business and even themselves with someone whose leadership and tremendous experience will be able to carry the business’s impact.

Many small business owners and directors assume that after they have chosen who will inevitably replace them, the leadership position will be left to one of their most loyal personnel. Yet after numerous years of relationship build-up, employees will eventually feel that no matter how hard you try or how loyal you are as a person, you have failed to properly perform your duties. While you as a business leader perform your duties and keep things running smoothly, it’s extremely important that you Truth is, enough should have been done to ensure that your organization has a source going forward who will be able to make appropriate leadership decisions going forward.

When a business owner has the knowledge that there will be a future need to take on new employees especially during times of growth, it will be extremely imperative that you implement a leadership development program. Some organizations have put that emphasis at the back of a pizza box and call it “nagapoker” development. Regardless of whether you call it “leadership development”, “team building” or a catchy monomenon; there is firm evidence to the caliber of your leadership abilities and sharing them with your staff or co-workers will help to enhance them.

As small business heads get bigger, small business leadership capabilities will grow and develop. Having the right small business leadership is essential to a healthy and prosperous business, but too often well-intentioned but unqualified managers find themselves being passed over for the promotion positions that management and business leadership skills provide.

Before you embark upon a leadership development program for your management team, consider the following key factors:

  1. Do your management team members suit the leadership roles you require? Quickness to act and the ability to make critical decisions are two key factors that will directly affect your performance as a business leader.
  2. Is your management team made up of individuals with appropriate leadership skills? Success is not achieved by a single “yes man.” Getting everyone involved in your business, including your employees and supporting staff, is crucial to gain insight and all to go into the process.
  3. Do you have a responsible person in charge of the leadership development program? This person needs to look at and understand the business’s type of environment and not only the management team’s organization.

A very well established and legitimate curriculum is provided by the International Coach Federation. You will find that the extremely well-cooked guidance:

  • Discovering your personal leadership competency- Focusing on your and your team’s development- Method of writing your personal development goals- Assessing your skill level- Allocating specific time- Does it include your co-workers and family members or are you the only one there?- Taking action- Comparing your physical, mental and behavioral strengths and weaknesses- Investing your time wisely and with the right time

You may find certain that you and your employees benefit from a highly trained, energized and valuable group of people working together to help them achieve managements objectives. Business leadership development offers many tools that can help you make this a reality. When executed properly, business leadership is an essential component that can be taken along with you as you look at how you want your business to grow and how you will develop your staff as a team to achieve that goal.